Andrey D.

Orange County, CA

“Rick’s Maine Coon cattery is awesome! All the cats and kittens are free-roaming around the house, all clean and nice. I was introduced to the cat-moms and cat-dads, saw how they all live. Very nice and positive experience, I would highly recommend visiting the cattery”

Beth Welter

Las Cruces, NM

“Dear Rick,

Frankie has been a wonderful addition to our family. He adjusted so fast and the other cats accept him too. Thanks for taking such good care of him.

We love him.”

Jeanne Wilcox, Phoenix, AZ

(bought 2 litter mate kittens)


I have to say that these kittens are a total joy – their antics are so entertaining – I love just watching them “swing from the rafters” so to speak, on the 2 cat trees that we have – in front of a window with lots of bird and rabbit watching. They are so very big for 4-month olds.”

Daniel Seidner

Berkeley, CA


Thank you for helping us along on our journey to find a new kitten. Leena and I truly appreciate your time , kindness and guidance. You are a credit to the amazing Maine Coon community”

Lisa & Justin Wong

Tucson, AZ


Our sweet girl, Wasabi, has brightened everyone’s life, including our boring old cat Ginger! Ginger loves her and they play and sleep together. Perhaps, Ginger was lonely, which goes against everything I have read about cats not needing other cats. Anyway, Ginger isn’t boring anymore and Wasabi is adorable.

Thank you so very much.”

Pam Carr

Sonoita, AZ

“Rick Eisenmann is a conscientious, caring dog and cat breeder. All of his animals are happy and healthy, sharing their home with Rick!! I was looking for a wonderful poodle and have found the “girl of my dreams” in a recent litter. I urge anyone looking for a miniature poodle, miniature Labradoodle or a Maine Coon kitten to make an appointment to visit this fantastic kennel/cattery!! This man knows what he is doing. My puppy is just one example of how to breed animals!! The rest of his cats and dogs prove my point.”