HOW-TO: Add a new kitten

This article will cover adding a new kitten to "Available Kittens" page, adding kitten's popup gallery, and adding kitten's personal page

Add kitten to "Available Kittens"
  • Log into Pimacoon admin
  • Navigate to Pages – All Pages
  • Find page "Kittens Available" – this is the page with all current kittens cards
  • Click on "Edit with Brizy" – it should load the page in Brizy edit mode
  • If you need to change an existing kitten card, skip the next step
  • Select a kitten card you'd like to clone, click on the upper right corner handle of that card to bring up the card context menu:
  • Click on "Duplicate" icon (highlighted by arrow)
  • The card is clones right next to the source card
  • Click on upper-right corner handle to bring up your new card's menu and drag the new card under all the cards – you should see a full-width gray line that shows where your card would go:
  • Once you release the mouse button, it should move the card underneath and make it fill the entire width of the page:
  • You can control how many cards per row you have easily this way. Recommended is 3 per row. If your last row has less than 3 cards – the last 2 cards will just take up all the space in the last row
  • If you'd like to make ALL cards the same size, use this technique:
  • Click on the upper right corner handle of the card to bring up card design menu
  • Click on the "Plus" icon of your new card – it is the "Add Column" button. It will create a new column that will fill up equal space in the row with your existing cards – either it will split the row into 2 equal parts, or (if you already have 2 kitten cards there) – into 3.
  • Repeat the above step again to fill up all 3 slots in the row with empty columns. See screenshot below
  • Click on the image on a new card that you'd like to edit
  • In the Image section delete existing image by click on "x" icon in the upper right corner
  • Click on empty image slot to select a new image from media library or to upload a new image
  • Use search box in the media library screen to find your kitten quickly
  • Select the image you need to use and click "Select"
  • You can use the blue dot on an image to reposition it inside the image placeholder
  • Just click outside the image editing popup box to see how it looks in the card
  • To add a popup gallery, click on the link icon in the image toolbar
  • Make sure you're switched to "Popup" tab inside the link edit section
  • Double-click on the popup picture inside the popup edit section. It will bring up the popup-builder tool
  • In there you will see a single-image gallery template I have created earlier.
  • Click on an image and go into image editing screen as you did before to update kitten image – it's the most left icon in the toolbar for the image.
  • Delete existing image from that box and select from media or upload a new image
  • Click on right arrow to move to the next gallery image to update, repeat above steps to update image. You can also use navigation icons (diamonds) below the image to navigate to different images
  • If you need to add an image to the gallery, navigate to the last image, click on upper right corner handle of it, duplicate it (use the same technique described to clone cards above – it is the same for all elements/blocks in Brizy). Once cloned, update the image the same way described above
  • If you need to remove an image from gallery, click on upper right corner handle of that image and click "delete" icon, repeat if needed with other images

Add new kitten's page

  • Navigate to "Pages – All Pages" in admin
  • Find a page you'd like to make a copy of. This should be the page for a previously added kitten
  • Click "Duplicate This" when your mouse is over that page's block
  • You should see the copy of the page with the same title, but it would say "Draft, Brizy" next to it
  • Click on "Quick Edit" and update the title by changing the kitten's name in there, plus add a slug (for search engines) – e.g. "available-kittens-jasper". This is going to be the URL for that kitten's page
  • Hit update
  • Now hover the page block in admin and click on "Edit With Brizy"
  • You should see the kitten's page edit screen
  • Change kitten's name right away in the title and on the "Inquire" button
  • Update any info on the kitten in the text block
  • In the image gallery, click on each image and change image source on every one of them – the same way you already know how to update image source – by clicking "image" icon on the left of the popup menu toolbar for selected image
  • If you need to remove extra images – use the toolbar on each image and click trash can icon
  • If you need to add more images – use last image's toolbar, second to right icon to duplicate the image, then swap the image source the same way you did before
  • Once ready, hit "Publish" button to publish this page
  • Navigate back to admin "All Pages"
  • Now the last thing to do is update the link to the page you had just created
  • Find "Kittens Available" page, click on "Edit With Brizy" link
  • Click on your new kitten's button to bring up the toolbar
  • Click on the link icon and update the URL to be pointing to your kitten's new page, e.g. "/available-kittens-jasper". Make sure it starts with "/" as it is relative to your main website domain

Congratulations! You're All Set!

Good Job!