Pimacoon FAQs

Kitten Prices?

Males & Females: $2400, unless otherwise noted on “Kittens Available” page.

How do I buy a Pimacoon kitten?

A $500 deposit is required to reserve a kitten. The balance of the kitten price is due when you pick up your kitten.

May I visit Pimacoon Cattery?

Rick Eisenmann, Pimacoon’s owner, encourages potential kitten buyers to visit the cattery. Your visit is welcome whether or not there are kittens available. Even if there are no kittens at the time of your visit, you will still have an opportunity to meet Rick and his cats and get comfortable with Pimacoon as a quality cattery and a safe place to buy your next Maine Coon kitten. Visits are by appointment only. To schedule call Rick at 520-


When can I bring my Pimacoon kitten home?

Kittens leave at 12 weeks or later.


Pimacoon doesn’t ship kittens. We may be able help you find a trusted transporter who will bring your new kitten to you by car. Or, you can find a “pet nanny” to bring your kitten to you by plane. If by plane, your kitten will travel in the cabin with the nanny. Transporters and pet nannies are independent contractors with whom you negotiate the transport fee. They do not work for Pimacoon Cattery.


Pimacoon Cattery is located 30 minutes southwest of Tucson, AZ.

Are all your Pimacoon kittens pedigreed Maine Coons?

Yes, all our kittens are pedigreed Maine Coons. Their parents are all registered with the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats. Your kitten comes with a CFA registration application listing the parents and their registration numbers.

Health Guarantees?

The Breeder will refund the purchase price should your kitten die of congenital or inherited causes before it is 1 year old. This guarantee is void in cases of death due to accident or neglect. You may request a sample kitten contract if you would like to review the wording of the health guarantee.


Our contract requires that the buyer will have their kitten spayed or neutered no earlier than 7 months of age, and no later than 10 months.

How long has the breeder been breeding Maine Coons?

Since 2008.


As soon as all the kittens in a litter are using the litter box they are let out of their pens and given the run of the house, where they live with the breeder and his dogs.

Do the kittens get along with dogs?

Yes, Rick Eisenmann has several red miniature poodles and miniature Labradoodles. There are always a few dogs in the house interacting with the kittens. It is not unusual to see kittens sleeping with the dogs.

Health testing?

We routinely screen our adults for HCM by board-certified veterinary cardiologists and they are DNA clear for HCM and other potential inherited problems.